It's a situation! - The Intro

It's a situation! - The Intro


As you all know, “this is a situation” has become one of my most talked about ‘Kary-isms.’ Since I’m always finding myself in these situations, I decided to start this blog #ThisIsASituation, and I’m going to be talking about all my different situations every week. My main situations of expertise are health & fitness, travel, my favorite things, and jewelry.


So let’s talk a little bit about my workouts and health situation this week.

As a mom and business owner, I am always so busy running around. My health is very important to me. I plan my week ahead, I like to plan for 3 Pilates classes a week. In between Pilates classes, I like to do HIIT workouts.

HIIT workouts are great because you continue burning calories 24 hrs after your workout. It is important to do ideally 8 different exercises to failure, when your muscles fail, and you feel like you can’t do anymore.

For this week here’s what my schedule looks like...

MWF - Pilates

TTH - HIIT - jump squats. I do 20 jump squats 8 times, with a 10-second break in-between for a total of 160 jump squats.

I love jump squats because it firms your booty, it’s great cardio, and it’s a great leg exercise. Since the legs are one of the biggest muscles in your body you burn the most calories when you work out the legs.

I also believe that whatever you put in your mouth… is 80% of what you’re going to look like. But more about that next week.


My travel situation… I chose to go to St. Tropez this past summer because it’s one of my fav places in the world. It is SO much fun, it has great shopping, I love the ocean, and the food is amazing. You can do beach clubs during the day, amazing dinners, night clubs, you can go on a boat, you can go to the beach... It has everything for everyone, and of course I did all of it!

I was so exhausted I barely slept four hours a night, but my motto is “I can sleep when I’m dead.” So I had to take advantage of St Tropez while I was there!

My favorite hotel in St. Tropez is Byblos. It is so centrally located you can walk everywhere. Some of my favorite beach clubs there are Le Palmier, Club 55, Gigi’s, Verde Beach, and Shellona to name a few.

One of the best restaurants is called L’opera, the fish cooked with salt is amazing.

Of course when in St. Tropez I love to drink rosé, the French rosé Minuty, it’s light and best for day drinking.

At night I love my Belvedere on the rocks with fresh-squeezed grapefruit or orange juice.

I’ll talk about my time in Capri and Positano next week!


For my trips this year I wore my new designs and doubled them. I wore the gold filled pearl necklaces because I could wear them every day, in the ocean, and even shower with them. I am just obsessed with my new collection and I hope you all love it as much as I do. I was gone for two months and wore the necklaces the WHOLE trip.

I of course couldn’t leave without my staple earrings, the 4” Sofia earring in Pearl and Black Onyx. They go with every outfit, and they were a great staple to add to my outfits in the evening as well.

Another favorite is the gold filled Pearl bracelets from my new collection. I wore these ALL summer as well, in the ocean and in the shower and they are amazing.