It's a situation! - The SECOND post

It's a situation! - The SECOND post


This week I am going to talk about my eating situation. Since I believe that what you put in your mouth is 80% of what you look like… I try to eat really really healthy 80% of the time. Which means, no bad carbs, no fried food, no sweets. In short, none of the good stuff. I try to cook at home three dinners a week because those are the hardest meals to eat healthy. 

Five days a week my meals consist of...

  • Scrambled eggs in the morning with sliced avocado or a bowl of oatmeal
  • For lunch, grilled chicken or grilled fish with either steamed broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, sweet potatoes, or sliced avocado. 
  • For dinner I always try to eat before 7pm, that way I don’t feel full going to sleep. I try to eat just protein and a vegetable for dinner with a little seasoning, similar to lunch. 

I know that sounds really really boring and not fun, but no pain no gain! But, I do look forward to those two days a week that I can eat whatever I want. I also try to only drink alcohol twice a week, because most alcoholic drinks have a lot of sugar. 


Piggybacking off of talking about my summer last week, right after I left St. Tropez I took off across the ocean to Capri and Positano! This had been on my bucket list FOREVER, and it did not disappoint at all! It was so amazing, Capri is very very romantic, great shopping, definitely a lot less of a party-town than St. Tropez... so it’s perfect to go there afterwards to relax! It is a beautiful, romantic city. The views are insane, and they have the best shopping ever. 

In Capri I highly recommend taking a boat ride and going to the blue grotto, that was one of the coolest experiences of my whole summer. You get on a little boat and they take you under a huge rock into the most beautiful natural grotto you have ever seen. Definitely a must! The other must-go-to place is the best beach club in Capri, La Fontalina. It's a sea paradise! It’s where all the yachts dock and everyone comes to have lunch. Delicious fish, pasta… everything was amazing.

After Capri I arrived in Positano, and let me tell you one thing… I was not expecting all the stairs we had to climb there! That is one memo that I did not get. But let me just tell you, travel light, wear good shoes, and there are a TON of stairs there. After being in Positano for two days I had climbed over 2000 stairs. Positano is a beautiful town, super quaint, amazing scenery. The other thing to know before going, bring comfy beach shoes! The beaches here are ALL rocks and they are very uncomfortable to walk on. Definitely need beach shoes. 

I am an extremely social person, and it just worked out somehow for me to end up actually being by myself in Positano for three nights! It was a very unexpected situation for sure, but I really enjoyed it! If you ever want to get lost and just walk around and meet people, Italy is definitely the place to do something like that. Would totally suggest it for the solo-traveler. 

The place to watch the sunset and have a drink in Positano is Hotel Le Sirenuse. For lunch and dinner I would just walk around and get lost in the town. I stopped at so many little Italian restaurants, and every place had the most delicious and unique pasta ever. You can’t go wrong, every little place has amazing views... and lots of stairs. 

After Italy… and all my partying… I can’t wait to share with you next week about the mind, body, and soul retreat in Malibu I took to reset after the summer. 


For my trips this year I wore my new designs and doubled them. I wore the gold-filled pearl necklaces because I could wear them every day, in the ocean, and even shower with them. I am just obsessed with my new collection and I hope you all love it as much as I do. I was gone for two months and wore the necklaces the WHOLE trip.

I of course couldn’t leave without my staple earrings, the 4” Sofia earring in Pearl and Black Onyx. They go with every outfit, and they were a great staple to add to my outfits in the evening as well.

Another favorite is the gold filled Pearl bracelets from my new collection. I wore these ALL summer as well, in the ocean and in the shower and they are amazing.