It's a situation! - The SIXTH Post

It's a situation! - The SIXTH Post


For my health topic this week I’m going to talk about a couple of things that I use to cook all the time. The first being, I use coconut oil to cook everything. I use coconut oil over any other oil because I have heard and read that it is a lot healthier and easier for your body to process. It actually encourages fat burning, boosts skin and hair health, and is also a great source of antioxidants. 

I also love using turmeric when I’m cooking chicken, or any kind of meat, really. Turmeric also has lots of health benefits! It can increase the antioxidant capacity of the body which goes hand in hand with the added antioxidants in coconut oil. It is said to help prevent cancer, helps to ease joint pain, supports cognitive function, lowers the risk of heart disease, and support the immune system. 

Do your own research on the health benefits of using these couple things in your cooking, and I promise you will be shocked at what you find!


My next travel adventure took me to Boulder, Colorado for parent’s weekend to visit my son Alex, who is a freshman at CU Boulder! I have been to Boulder a couple of times now, so I have gotten a good feel for it! It’s such a cute town in the mountains. It of course has incredible hiking trails all over the place. It is home to the Flatirons which is an iconic mountain range you have probably seen. The Flatirons have five unique flat peaks which are just so cool to see in person. 

There is a street called Pearl Street that you walk about 10 blocks down, it is closed off to traffic, and it is lined with the cutest restaurants, stores, and bars. This is definitely a must and we have spent hours on Pearl Street each time I’ve been to Boulder!

One of my favorite restaurants in Boulder is Il Pastaio, which is amazing Italian food. The Buff restaurant has a great brunch,  and BarTaco in Boulder is somehow better than it is in Texas! 


Speaking of Pearl Street in Boulder, my favorite from my KAMO by Kary collection this week is the Pearl Collection! It was one of the first stones that inspired me to create KAMO, designing pearl necklaces that were more trendy and less expensive than how I would see pearl necklaces before. I have had a love for pearls for a very very long time, and I am particularly drawn to baroque pearls because they are all individually so unique in shape. I have so many designs in my KAMO collection that come in pearl, check them out below! 

Another product that I’m obsessed with right now is my Christian Dior Lip Sugar Scrub. I love it because it is a great lip exfoliator and leaves them with a beautiful glow, I don’t even have to wear lipstick after I use it and they are left plump and beautiful! 

I hope you enjoyed my Situations this week, and remember to send me a note if you want me to talk about anything, in particular, I would love to hear from you! Have a fabulous week!

Love Kary