KAMO by Kary Brittingham was founded in 2017 by Real Housewife of Dallas, Kary Brittingham. 

A note from Kary

Five years ago KAMO was originally created because I could just not find a modern, fashionable brand that designed jewelry with pearls and other gemstones that had a timeless, classic look at the same time.

So, I got to work! The foundation of KAMO began by stringing together pearls, moonstone and other gemstones together creating one-of-a-kind pieces for my girlfriends. This turned into designing chic gemstone necklaces on 24K Gold Plated chains, then bracelets... then earrings... and it snowballed into what it is now! I found a passion in designing jewelry, traveling around the world to source gemstones, and being creative with each design of each beautiful thing. 

Each KAMO piece features a small red ruby tag, symbolizing my birthstone (July) making it immediately identifiable as KAMO. The ruby also symbolizes love, protection, passion, energy, and success. 

Now available in hundreds of different combinations of metals, stones, sizes, and shapes... KAMO has grown into what I always dreamed it would be, a high quality jewelry brand that doesn't break the bank, all while keeping a chic, modern edge. 

Believe it or not, KAMO was around years before my appearance on The Real Housewives of Dallas. Exposure on the show gave the brand just what it needed to take off and turn from a side-hustle into a lucrative business. Our online shop opened in 2020, and took my small business from selling products to my close circle of friends to selling globally to tens of thousands of people. 

I want to personally thank all of you, whether you have just browsed my jewelry online or have placed several orders! KAMO would not be what it is today without you. 

Big kiss!

- Kary